Your pharmacy at your fingertips.

Enjoy lower medicine prices than most brick-and-mortar pharmacies. Get your medication claims instantly processed online, and your prescriptions delivered to you for free, with Medl.

Why Medl?

An easier way to fill your prescriptions.

Medl is an online pharmacy that is changing the way prescriptions are filled in Trinidad and Tobago. We know that sometimes you don’t feel well or have better things to do and would rather not wait around to have a prescription filled. With a couple taps on your phone, our team delivers your medication to you, safely, discreetly, and conveniently, wherever you are.

How It Works

Your doctor uses Medl

Once your doctor signs up on Medl, they can use our platform to send your prescription, safely and securely.

Get prescriptions filled

Enter your information on the Medl app to order your medication. We will dispense it and deliver it directly to you. You pay only the cost of your medicine. Delivery is free.

Manage your refills

Order refills in-app as they become due. Medl will send you a reminder to make sure you never miss a refill.


Free Delivery

Get your prescriptions delivered for free.

Quick and easy

Order medicine online - quickly, easily, safely.

Easy tracking

Track your medicine usage and refills.

Better prices

Enjoy lower rates than most brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

Contact us

To learn more about Medl and its benefits, contact the Medl team at +1 (868) 610 6335 +1 (868) 610 3587 or email us at